Wild Mayo 200, 300 & 500 information

The Wild Mayo Ultra has 3 routes to challenge the participant. 

The 500k starts on Friday evening the 10th of May 2024 @ 20.00

The 300 and 200k start on Saturday morning May 11th. @07.00 and 09:00am respectively

The aim is to have most participants finishing outside the Clewbay hotel from 16.00 to 20.30 on Saturday May 11th

Event documents (SEE  DOCUMENTS HERE) 

Rules for 2024 events: The Wild Mayo Ultra Rules and Regulations

Participant Brief 2024:The Wild Mayo Ultra event brief for all distances 2024

Route books:

Wild Mayo Ultra – 200 Race Booklet 

Wild Mayo Ultra – 300 Race Booklet

Wild Mayo Ultra – 500 Race Booklet



What categories are included in the Wild Mayo 200, 300,500 & 650 Ultra cycling challenge?

Mayo Furnace 200k:

  • Male & Female Unsupported
  • 2-person (can be mixed sex teams)

Mayo Furnace 300k:

  • Male Solo supported 
  • Female Solo supported 
  • Male & Female Unsupported 
  • 2-4 -6 person (can be mixed sex teams) All ride the course together

Wild Mayo 500 Ultra:

  • Male Solo 
  • Female Solo 
  • Male & Female Unsupported 
  • Relay 4 person
  • 2-4-6 person (can be mixed sex teams) All ride the course together

Wild Mayo Ultra groups

  • A group can consist of 2 and up to 6 riders
  • A group can ride any of the distances
  • The time of the last rider across the finish line is consider the teams finishing time.
  • Its forbidden to receive outside help while part of an Ultra group ride

Solos, pairs ,teams and groups will all carry a GPS tracker to ensure accuracy and fair play. There will be Prizes in each category above providing there are 5 or more in that category. 

Start and Finish details.

Both races will start and finish at the Mariner Hotel, Mill St, Westport.

The Mayo Ultra 500: Start on Friday evening at 8pm, in the following order: Solo’s , Pairs, Teams and groups will all Start at 3min intervals. 

The Mayo Ultra 300: start 7am, Solo riders will depart at 3 min intervals, followed by the 2 person teams followed by Club/ buddy groups

The 200k : start 9am more or more or less directly after the 300k participants: unsupported riders will depart  first followed by the supported riders, pairs and groups. 

We want most riders finishing around the same time 16.00 to 20.30 hopefully in daylight hours,  this will add to the finishers experience as there will be more supporters around to clap you home and complement your great achievement. 

Individual start times will be listed on the website after May 10th. 


When does registration close?

April 30th 2024 Race numbers are limited so this might close earlier.

What are the time allowances for the Wild Mayo Ultra and Furnace?

The Mayo Ultra 200 cut off is 13 hours for solo male and 17 hours for solo female.

The Mayo Ultra 300 cut off is 20 hours for solo male and 23 hours for solo female.

Cut off time for 2-person team is 20 hours.

The Wild Mayo 500 cut off is 32 hours for solo male and 35 hours for solo female.

Cut off time for 2 -6 person teams is 32 hours. Cut off time for 4 person team is 30 hours.


What kind of a support crew do I need?

For the Mayo Ultra 200 riders go unsupported. 

The Mayo Ultra 300- Solo unsupported (See rule 7 ) and 2-person category – a participant, a pair or group are expected to complete the route with no support, event management will help with drop bags etc. 

The Wild Mayo 500 – solo, unsupported,  2 & 4 person relay  teams and Ultra groups 

Solos and relay teams can have support, they will need a minimum of 1 vehicle and 2 crew members (with valid driving licence and insurance) although we would strongly suggest that you have more. (NO support other than help from the organisers is permitted for the Ultra groups)

Crew members generally share the responsibilities of driving, navigation and nutrition.

Bear in mind that if you are participating as a 2-person team, when a rider has finished their section they may assume crew responsibilities.

All persons involved with driving or cycling in this event must have current Cycling Ireland membership. 

What kind of a support vehicle should I use?

Please SEE RULES for all vehicle requirements. Motorhomes (Campervan) or motorcycles cannot be used as a support (Follow) vehicle.

What are night hours?

Night hours are designated from 19:00 to 07:00AM. During this time the vehicle must follow the rider directly at all times. This is critical for safety purposes. If for some reason the crew need to stop, the rider must stop along with the crew. A rider cannot proceed along the route independently for any distance during night hours. There are no exceptions. Penalties will be instantly applied by course marshals without prior warning. Unsupported riders do not need a follow vehicle but must show that they have the required lights and high viz for their bikes. 

Please note all crew members and riders must wear reflective clothing during night hours.

SEE RULES in relation to follow vehicle auxiliary lighting during night hours.

How do I follow the route?

We will send all entrants the route a few weeks before the event so they can study it, it can also b download onto your GPS device. You will also receive a detailed route book as part of your race package. 


Many riders and crew will navigate and validate their navigation using both the route book and the GPS file. The route book is the most important navigation tool. If you experience GPS discrepancies for any reason rely on your route book.

Navigation is often a challenging aspect of endurance racing so please schedule time pre-race to understand the route. Going off-course is a stressful occurrence.

What is data network coverage like on the route?

There are short sections throughout the course that have no data or cell phone coverage. We have endeavoured to place timing stations in areas where there is sufficient coverage.

In those sections with poor coverage please expect GPS tracker uploads, and therefore race information, to be temporarily slower.

What is scrutiny and rider-crew sign-on?

500,300 and 200 participants from 18:30 to 20:30 Friday  for 200/300k we have limited availability for CHECK in Saturday Morning, riders must present themselves at least 30minutes before their start time. 

Each solo rider or one rider in a 2-person team and one designated crew representative must present themselves at the Clewbay Hotel, James St, Westport with ALL required paper work to receive their race package.

Once you have received your race package the rider and/or the crew representative may proceed to bicycle and car scrutiny at Westport Bike shop, Newport rd, Westport. 

Scrutiny – covers all bicycles including wheels and cars. It is a vital safety check and must be respected. If equipment and the vehicle do not meet requirements the rider/team cannot race. No exceptions. Please see RULES for all information regarding equipment requirements.

Bike and vehicle scrutiny will take place Friday between 18:30  and 20:30. It will run on a first come first served basis. Generally each scrutiny will take 15 minutes. If equipment or vehicle does not pass scrutiny, additional time may be allotted allowing the rider/team to make satisfactory adjustments.

When does  the rider and crew briefings take place?

The briefing will takes place on line on Tuesday May 7th at 20:00,  a member of the organisation can brief anyone who missed the virtual meeting at the Mariner Hotel Westport on Friday or Saturday. It is mandatory for solo riders (or 1 rider from a team) and at least one crew member to attend. It is the responsibility of each team to ensure that information is shared amongst all team members. We will endeavour to make this meeting as efficient as possible so you can plan for an early evening.

It is also a chance to be introduced to your fellow riders and crews during the official sign-on.

What happens if one of our  RELAY team members drops out of the event?

You will get an official time as long as one member of the team finishes the full distance.

Is there a minimum distance that each team member must ride in the Relay category ?

No. Riding strategy is at team discretion.

How does the group/ team category work ?

All of the team must finish together if possible, regardless if its a 2-4 or a 6  person group, the time will be taken of the last person across the line. (Best to stay together for the entire distance)

What /Where are the timing stations?

The position of all cyclists will be monitored through live tracking.

In order to ensure accurate timing, cyclists must be escorted by their support car whenever they pass a time station (Supported participants only ). The arrival time at all time stations must also be noted in the route Official Route Book, and the crew MUST contact the supplied mobile number via text with the team number, station they are at, and the time they are at it. Eg. Team 24 T.S 5 17.36

We have endeavoured to ensure that there is adequate GPS (and cell phone) coverage at each timing station for efficient data upload. Please be aware that while each timing station has cell phone coverage it may not extend past that point. THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT FOR SOLO OR GROUP UNSUPPORTED PARTICIPANTS

Will the event be marshalled?

On junctions etc NO,  but we will have checkers out on route to make sure the rules are been abided. 

There will be teams of travelling marshal’s en-route. It is your responsibility to make sure all crew members read the rule-book. Rules will be enforced strictly and time penalties will apply.

There is a strict no drafting policy in all SOLO categories.