Wild Mayo Ultra closing

Entries closing.
Why not be part of a relay team ?
Maybe the Wild Mayo Ultra solo isn’t your thing 🤔 why not pull a group of buddies together.. 4 persons can easily get around the 650k course in 22hours or less depending on fitness levels but who cares if it takes longer as you will get to see parts of #wildmayo you never knew existed.
The max any one individual rider will need to cycle to complete the route is about 5 hours, and that can be broken into intervals, so plenty of time to refuel and recover.
What’s needed..4 willing participants,  2 crew, a van or people carrier and its guaranteed to be an experience with oceans of laughs.
Give us a bell if you don’t quite understand the team format..

The Wild Mayo Ultra is the first event of the Ireland Ultimate Ultra Trilogy : https://www.raceface.ie/the-ultimate-ultra-cycling-trilogy/