What is Ultra Cycling and Why take on an event ?

What distance must one complete to be considered an Ultra cyclist?

Basically, it’s any cycling event longer than a century, in old money this is considered 100 miles (160k). Nowadays 200k is regarded as the starter distance (125miles).  In Ultra cycling rules this distance must be completed on your own (Same as a TT ) over the designated route,  in running it’s any event over 50k but there seems to be no rule that you must do it on your own.

What’s the longest Ultra cycling distance.

The short answer there is no limit, around the World there are plenty of multi day/week events to entry.

At the Wild Mayo Ultra our longest event distance is 650k which will take between 24 and 40hrs to complete depending on your ability.

Why take on an Ultra event

Taking on an Ultra Endurance Cycling event can be daunting, for many people going long on the bike is an adventure into the unknown both physically and mentally.

When you complete an Ultra event you get what’s called the Ultimate Ultra mind.. read on to find out more. 

As Ultra athletes ourselves we feel the following are the main reasons:

No 1: it’s a challenge, you against the route, the elements and the watch. The whole event is about how YOU manage the event, your pacing, your hydration, your food intake, your stops, how you cope with mechanicals and how do you keep the monkey on your shoulder quiet as negative thoughts fill the horizon. If you opt for the longer ultras, you will bring night cycling into the mix which brings its own challenges. 

No 2: The competitive side to Ultra, are many; trying to complete the distance inside a time or bettering your average moving speed or your power figures are brilliant personal goals. Most Ultra events use live transponder timing, what’s this you may ask.? as you cycle the route, organizers’ and supporters can see where you are exactly on the route and if you are up or down on your competitors, it adds another level of competition and technology to the event

No 3: The route, Ultra routes are generally challenging, usually there incredibly scenic with loads of speculator climbs to be negotiated, exposed roads and throw-in self-navigation making for a very focused day’s pedaling. Discover roads and places that you have never heard off or seen before.  The ultimate adventure.

No 4: Once you take part in an Ultra event the whole World of events open up to ya, its like joining a society there is always news on events. The participants that take on Ultra events are infectious, they have an aura about them, life seems smooth for them “as the saying goes No Drams”. If exploring and going on an adventure is your thing and if you are constantly looking to challenge yourself then Ultra cycling is the right fit for your DNA.

No 5: If things go pear shaped on your event between the other participants and the organizer’s you will always be in good hands. Everyone can have a bad hour, period, day or event. As Ultra people ourselves we know and understand your pain, we will help you get through your day, its on the tough days that you grow and sometimes all you need is a listening ear. Our team are spread around the course taking pictures, video and attending to mechanicals.

One could easily do the route on their own or with a few buddies, but it’s not the same, doing it as part of an event means everything is quantifiable, conditions are the same for everyone and how you manage your day will show in the results.

Taking on your first Ultra event is a big milestone it might be the gateway to taking on multi- day events which bring many challenges and of course lots of rewards, Completing an Ultra will give you such a huge sense of satisfaction that it will burn bright in your heart for the rest of the year. Look on the positives go out with a sense that you will enjoy rather than just endure the long days and, in many cases, longer nights in the saddle all by taking just “One pedal stroke and one wheel revolution at a Time”.

The sense of achievement you get is euphoric for many its World changing, issues you may have thought were big road blocks in your social and working life now will soon become trivial .. the Ultimate Ultra mind kicks in, you will find a way and you will succeed. 

Wild Mayo Ultra Finish Line


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