Want to try an ultra cycling event ?

Most people follow the crowd, do the tried and trusted sportif thing while keeping well clear of events where you must cycle alone. But, are those that don’t go on a personal journey of self exploration missing out?
One must commit! An Ultra is not the same as other events, you must commit early to have a chance of conquering your demons…
When taking on an event solo, one needs to be mindful that it means no time for over thinking the daily nonsenses of everyday life. It requires focus. Anyone can take on a few hours of a solo effort. Once you exceed 6 hours then you are into a different zone, a zone where the mind starts playing tricks on you. This is where self doubt is questioned over and over again. Where the monkey on your back is constantly talking to you, one minute it’s all positive thoughts and the next it’s negative… The question you have to answer is, who wins?!
Your body is a tool that the mind controls, people have completed extradory feats of endurance without putting in the training. So what gets you through ?it’s all Mindset…
The time in the saddle and self reflection is a journey for thy self !
Do you want to go on a journey where the route tests your soul and the views sooth your thoughts? Come with us next April 2021 and open the door to a new higher self!
Sign up here to either a 300k or 650k Ultra .