Save the date for Wild Mayo Ultra 2024

Raceface Events proudly presents the Wild Mayo Ultra on May 10th and 11th, 2024. It’s going to be an exhilarating weekend of ultra racing. The 500k adventure kicks off at 8 pm on Friday evening, while the 300k and 200k events start on Saturday morning. Our traditional categories are still available, including solo, solo unsupported, pairs, and relay.

Exciting news for 2024 – introducing the club or group category! Gather your club or buddy group and conquer any of the distances. More info here


Why attend the Wild Mayo Ultra?

Here are some compelling reasons to mark your calendar for this exciting event:

An Ultra adventure Like No Other: The Wild Mayo Ultra offers a unique and thrilling experience set against the stunning backdrop of County Mayo. You’ll have the opportunity to explore rugged terrain and take on challenging routes that promise excitement and adventure.

Various Distance Options: Whether you’re a seasoned ultra-cyclist or just starting your Ultra journey, there’s a distance for everyone. From the epic 500k race that kicks off under the Friday night dark skies to the 300k and 200k events starting Saturday morning, you can choose the challenge that suits your level of experience.

Diverse Categories: Raceface Events caters to a wide range of participants. You can go solo, tackle the course without external support, team up with a partner in the pairs category, or opt for the relay category. New for 2024 is the club or group category, providing an opportunity for camaraderie and friendly competition among like-minded cycling enthusiasts. Get a group together (2-6 participants ) set a GOAL for 2024 and complete a 500, 300 or 200 distance. 

Explore the Beauty of County Mayo: Mayo is renowned for its natural beauty, and this event takes you through some of the most breath taking landscapes the county has to offer. From rugged coastlines to rolling hills and picturesque villages, you’ll discover the hidden gems of ancient Ireland

Challenge Yourself: Ultra cycling is all about pushing your limits and testing your endurance. The Wild Mayo Ultra is the perfect opportunity to set personal goals, overcome obstacles, and achieve new milestones in your cycling journey.

Community and Camaraderie: Join a community of fellow ultra enthusiasts and make lasting memories with your club or buddy group. The camaraderie that comes from tackling these challenging courses together is a unique and fulfilling aspect of the event.

Stay Informed: To stay updated and get all the details you need, visit for more information, including registration, route maps, and any additional event-related information.

Don’t miss out on this epic Ultra cycling event in the heart of County Mayo. It’s a chance to experience adventure, camaraderie, and the beauty of Ireland all in one unforgettable weekend. Save the date, and we’ll see you at the Wild Mayo Ultra in 2024!

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