Route description for Newport Rocky Mountain high

Check-in is Saturday from 7 to 8pm and on Sunday from 8 to 9 am at Hotel Newport.

Make sure to read the full participants brief here ..


Park at the Burishoole GAA grounds, it’s only 500m from the start line.

Make sure to attach your number to the handlebars like these Gravelers 

The final event brief is at 9.50am with the event starting outside hotel Newport at 10am sharp, the peloton must stay together for the first 3kms, and participants can use these few km as a warm-up. If you dont like big bunches please stay to the rear. 

The route heads south towards Westport turning right before the bridge for a lap of the Quay then heading out the Mullraney road, to keep the event off the main road we then jump onto the Great Western Greenway to Burrishoole.

Please stay behind the lead motorbike until we reach this section.

We cross the main road here, once everyone’s across this marks the end of the neutral section. For the next 4.5kms, it’s a mix of greenway, boreens,  sharp hills and fantastic lake views. 

At 8.5k the time section will start. Your race number contains a chip that will be activated at this point, the area will be clearly signed and you won’t miss our new Raceface flags.

For the next 24kms, you will be in gravel heaven… If you are not already struggling the views will take your breath away… Cycling on gravel is TOUGH, there is very little freewheel time, so be sure to pace yourself and don’t use up all your energy before our little BIG surprise…

At 18k pray you have gears… I mean low gears we suggest 34x 30 at least, but don’t worry if you haven’t it’s only 250m and most might walk this section!

This sector is tough with a rough bumpy surface but only lasts a few hundred meters. At 19k you are at the highest point of the route at 143m… Doesn’t sound much but considering you started at sea level it’s enough.


Please take care on the descent. only ride as fast as your ability allows as it’s quite steep, fast, and bumpy. 

You will descend down to the greenway for a few flat km, this is your chance to refuel, hydrate, and clean yourself up with one of the Nuasan wipes!

Repair area on the Great Western Greenway. (JUST IN CASE)

The next 10kms are hard with steep ascents but it brings you to the end of the timed section… so hit it hard…

The last 7.5k is NEUTRAL so relax and enjoy the descent around the Furnace lakes before you head onto the main “Nephin Drive” road back to Newport.

Don’t get caught out at the death, you must turn right to go down the Quay and take the road less traveled to the finish line outside Hotel Newport and Kelly’s Butchers and café.

At the Finish get your photo taken and grab your Kelly’s butchers Black & White Pudding goodies and head inside hotel Newport for a beverage and get your post-event refreshments.

Thanks again to our sponsors. 

There are showers available at the GAA pitch only 500m from the finish line and this is where we recommend you leave your car parked for the event.  

Hotel Newport is creating an after-party-style afternoon so make sure to stay around for the presentation and prizes and enjoy the craic in the west. 

Feel the fear and do it anyway