Official Ballinrobe Smarter Travel Run Results

Cool dry conditions greeted the runners on Saturday evening in Ballinrobe for the flattest and fastest course in the Great Lakes Challenge series.The Ballinrobe 10k event was the 4th and last round of the series.

The 5k event attracted walkers and some keen young runners whose talent will be sure to shine in the years to come.

The times were fast on the 10k course with a new course record set by Matt Bidwell of Galway in 32:06, many other athletes set PB’s and were extremely happy with their performances.

Treacy’s Pharmacy/Picture of Health sponsored the prizes. The event was held in conjunction with Mayo County Council promoting Smarter Travel for the town of Ballinrobe.

Many of the local organisations helped and supported with the organisation of the events, Western Lakes CC, Ballinrobe Tidy Towns, Ballinrobe Men’s Shed Group, Ballinrobe County Council Branch, Westport Order of Malta, Lakeside Sports and Fitness Gym, Art O’ Neill’s bar and the organizers of the GLCS.

5k Results


1st James Frizzel – 17:10
2nd Thomas Devaney – 17:18
3rd Jack Maher – 17:33



1st Aishling Joyce, Ballinrobe – 19:02
2nd Zoe Forde,Ballinrobe – 25:02
3rd Noreen Glynn,Ballyglass – 25:51


10k results and last round of GLRS


1st Matt Bidwell, Galway – 32:06
2nd Paul Conlon – 34:51
3rd Timmie Glavey, Mayo AC – 34:55
O40 TJ McHugh
O50 Michael Sweeney
Junior Lorcan Cameron


1st Regina Casey – 36:26
2nd Colette Touhy – 38:24
3rd Kathy Glesson – 39:28
O40 Mary Mulchrone, Ballinrobe
O50 Fiona Gilrane, Ballinrobe
Junior Sadbh Culhane, Ballinrobe

Treacy’s Pharmacy/Picture of Health

5K Results

932James Frizzel5KMALESnr17:10
937Thomas Devanay5KMALEJun17:18
934Jack Maher5KMALEJun17:33
931Aisling Joyce5KFEMALEL Snr19:02
943Graham Casey5KMALESnr20:32
911Doyle, AidanRunning-5KMALESnr22:20
942Zoe Forde5KFEMALEL Jnr25:02
935Noreen Glynn5KFEMALEL O4025:51
924Michelle Flynn5kFEMALEL Snr26:16
914Heaney, RoisinRunning-5KFEMALESnr26:21
944Eva Burke5KFEMALEL Jnr27:17
945Rachel Kinneavy5KFEMALEL Jnr27:17
904Carey, BrianRunning-5KMALEO4027:52
905Carey, RosieRunning-5KFEMALEO4027:52
903Ann Marie Haire5kFEMALEL Snr27:59
946Evan Kinneavy5KMALEJun28:10
919Mairead Fahy5kFEMALEL Snr29:08
941Stacey Macken5KFEMALEL Jnr29:22
901Aine Casey5kFEMALEL Snr29:35
925MT Lydon5kMALESnr29:36
916Jarlath Killeen5kMALESnr29:37
947Ann Mahon5KFEMALEL O4029:44
939Sinead Tiernan5KFEMALEL O4030:21
910Cummins, MartinaRunning-5KFEMALEO5031:31
928Sue Neskitt5kFEMALEO5031:36
940Chloe Forde5KFEMALEL Jnr32:07
909Concepta Lydon5kFEMALEL Snr32:08
923Megan Lydon5kFEMALEL Snr32:12
921Martina Naughton5kFEMALEL Snr32:41
938Tom Murphy5KMALEO4033:47
902Angela Flannery5kFEMALEL Snr35:32
927Pauline Burke Ryan5kFEMALEL Snr35:32
952Aisling Donnelly5KFEMALEL Snr35:32
951Claire Kelly5KFEMALEL Snr36:02
950Sally Gannon5KFEMALEL O5036:36
949Ann Joyce5KFEMALEL O5036:36
951Liavan Leonard5KFEMALEL Snr36:37
906Caroiline Joyce5kFEMALEL Snr37:21
915Imelda Kileen5kFEMALEL Snr37:41
922Mary Murphy5kFEMALEO5038:06
908Claire Grimes5kFEMALEO4041:49
907Caroline Guerin5kFEMALEO4041:50
933Mary Costello5KFEMALEL Snr42:20
912Eilish Mc Kenna5kFEMALEO4042:36
926Noreen Kerrigan5kFEMALEO4045:01
930Marie T KennyWalk - 5KFEMALEO4045:01
936Ann Corcran5KFEMALEL Snr45:01
929Varley, JeromeRunning-5KMALESnr45:02
917Josie Philbin5kFEMALEO5046:10
918Lorraine Garvey5kFEMALEO4046:11
956Trudy Donnelly5KFEMALEJun47:15
955Ben Donnelly5KMALEJun47:16
953Gerry Donnelly5KMALESnr47:51
954Ethan Donnelly5KMALEJun47:51
920Marian Mulroe5kFEMALEL Snr53:41

Treacy’s Pharmacy/Picture of Health

10K Results

Full nameRegistration categoryGenderCatTimePoints
Matt Bidwell10KMALEO4032:061000
Paul Conlon10kMALESnr34:51999
Timmie Glavey10KMALESnr34:55998
TJ McHugh10kMALEO4035:27997
Ger Harnet10kMALEO4035:47996
Regina Casey10kFEMALEL Snr36:26995
Sean Murphy10kMALEO4036:39994
Sean Burke10kMALEO4036:45993
Gill, MatthewRunning-10KMALESnr37:36992
Derek Naughton10kMALESnr37:57991
Ryan, DamienRunning-10KMALESnr38:01990
John Kyne10kMALESnr38:14989
Costello, MichaelRunning-10KMALESnr38:19988
Sean Brophy10KMALESnr38:20987
Colette Touhy10KFEMALEL O4038:24986
Malone, JamesRunning-10KMALEO4039:02985
Adrain Roache10kMALEO4039:26984
Kathy Gleeson10kFEMALEL O4039:28983
Sarah Syron10kFEMALEL Snr39:35982
Padd Walsh10KMALESnr39:36981
Neil Carroll10kMALESnr40:02980
John Murphy10kMALESnr40:25979
Fleming, PatrickRunning-10KMALESnr40:41978
James Mc Kenna10kMALEO4041:21977
Micky Monaghan10KMALESnr41:33976
Mike KellyRunning 10kMALEO4041:41975
Michael Sweeney10kMALEO5042:13974
Tony O'Malley10KMALEO4042:35973
Fintan Forde10kMALESnr43:17972
Martin Kinneavey10kMALEO5043:35971
Mary MulchroneRunning 10kFEMALEO4043:54970
Clynch, AidanRunning-10KMALEO4043:55969
Cathoriona Grady10KFEMALEL O4044:03968
Ann McDonnell10kMALEL Snr44:20967
Derek Murphy10kMALEO4044:58966
Richard Lynch10KMALESnr44:58965
Paul Hynes10kMALEO4045:12964
Feilim Gormley10kMALESnr45:23963
Daly, RoyRunning-10KMALESnr45:44962
Laura Gibbions10KFEMALESnr45:48961
Kelly, ThomasRunning-10KMALESnr45:54960
Donal Tighe10kMALEO4046:08959
Caroline Concannon10kFEMALEL Snr46:37958
Laura Daly10kFEMALEL Snr46:53957
Mattie Donnellan10kMALEO5046:58956
Linda Feerick10kFEMALEL Snr47:20955
Brian O'Rielly10kMALEO5047:29954
Maciej Wawer10kMALESnr47:38953
Lorcan Cameron10kMALEJnr48:19952
Clarke, Ann MarieRunning-10KFEMALEL Snr48:29951
James Denning10kMALEO4048:37950
Peter Feerick10KMALEO4048:51949
Michael Naughton10kMALESnr48:57948
Michael Hearty10kMALEO4048:58947
Colm Hynes10kMALEO5049:03946
Ger Carney10kMALESnr49:18945
Sean Corcoran10kMALEO4049:28944
Angie Hughes10kMALESnr49:34943
Rory O'Connor10kMALEO5049:54942
Carole Fabby10KFEMALEL O4050:19941
Cait Walsh10KFEMALESnr50:39940
Nicola Mylotte10kFEMALEO4050:44939
Aimee Bonner10KFEMALEL Snr50:55938
Tony Walsh10kMALEO5050:56937
Sadhbh Culhane10kFEMALEL Jnr50:57936
John Culhane10kMALEO 5051:14935
Fiona Gilirane10kFEMALEL O5051:21934
Elaine Walkin10kFEMALEO4051:29933
Kieran Murphy10kMALEO4052:06932
Frank Lowry10kMALESnr52:20931
Gerry Sherdian10kMALEO4052:22930
Anthony O'Toole10kMALESnr52:27929
Claire Murphy10KFEMALEL Snr52:27928
Cleary, NathanRunning-10KMALESnr52:34927
Marie Teresa Cooney10KFEMALESnr53:09926
Josephine Hernon10KFEMALESnr54:55925
Karina Jakubowska10kFEMALEL Snr55:09924
Emma Ryan10kFEMALEL Snr55:22923
Tommy Mullan10kMALEO5055:34922
Martina Donagher10kFEMALEL O4055:35921
Michelle Durkan10kFEMALEL O4055:37920
Pauline Jennings10kFEMALEL Snr55:54919
Dymphna Culhane10kFEMALEL O4056:26918
Helen Corless10KFEMALEL O4056:36917
Niall Kinneavey10kMALEJnr57:33916
Linda Keaveney10kFEMALEL Snr57:38915
Rebecca Sherdian10kFEMALEL Snr57:43914
Sheila Jennings10kFEMALEO 4059:09913
Carmel Carroll10kMALEL O5059:12912
Kathleen Kennedy10KFEMALEL O4001:00:56911
Joey Ganley10kMALESnr01:01:09910
Kieran Conboy10KMALESnr01:02:50909
Daly, MaryRunning-10KFEMALEL Snr01:07:43908
Sara Ludden10kFEMALEL Snr01:08:02907