New route choice for “The Way “

Due to unprecedented demand we have came up with a shorter route so participants can enjoy a shorter day out on their adventure. 

The Way 75k Gearr” serves as an ideal initiation into the essence of gravel cycling. This route, carefully designed, seamlessly blends a few challenging segments of rough terrain with the sheer enjoyment of navigating back roads, infusing the entire journey with a sense of adventure.

This 75-kilometer course provides a glimpse into the exhilarating world of gravel cycling, offering participants a taste of the excitement that comes with tackling unpaved paths. The deliberate inclusion of rough sections adds an element of thrill, creating an animated and engaging adventure. The route cleverly balances the thrill of conquering challenging terrain with the joy of exploring less-travelled back roads, ensuring a memorable experience for participants seeking an introduction to the gravel cycling realm. Prepare for a perfect fusion of excitement and exploration on “The Way 75k Gearr.”