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Ireland West Duathlon Series - Rules, Regulations & Points System 2020

The Ireland West Duathlon Series (IWDS) hosts 4 events and are organised by clubs and groups in the West of Ireland. It is open to all abilities and genders from 15 years of age upwards. It is advised that all participants get a medical check-p.. To take part you also must be of sound mind and body.


In the interests of safety, each club is responsible for the Conduct, Application of the Rules and their Road safety so that all participants can enjoy taking part in the Series. The participant needs to be competent in their own ability to adhere to the rules and regulation and general safety guidelines set out per event throughout the series.

Entry requirements for all events

  • Each event is open to all participants (15-75 years of age) providing they entry (either on line or manually) adhere and SIGN the event waiver.
  • When registering all mandatory fields must be clearly filled (whether registering manually or on line)
  • The overall series will be open to ALL participants regardless of geographic area.
  • IWDS Categories are all based on the first event of the series the Land of the Giants Duathlon December 29th 2019; points cannot be carried across age groups or transferred to other teams/clubs.
  • All events are insured by their respective organizers and participants that sign up will not need any other licence to take part.
  • To qualify for Team/club section; participants must sign on under that club/team name at first event, if they sign on as unattached, or another Team then that’s who they shall stay with for the entire series, no crossovers regardless of situation.
  • Corporate section: This section is open to participants that WORK or are employed by the same company, the 4 best placings regardless of gender count towards the team’s total. It’s possible to be placed in both Corporate and club sections.
  • Fair play is considered a must at all events.
  • The Rules of the Road must strictly be adhered to.
  • The Referee or the experienced person appointed will officiate the event and may warn or disqualify a participant if there are seen to be competing dangerously or breaking the rules or goodwill and spirit of the series.


  • Junior (O15 – Under 18)
  • Senior (O18 – under 40)
  • Over 40
  • Over 50
  • Over 60
  • Relay (2/3 persons)


Overall first in both genders

Unplaced categories specifics (Both genders)

  • Junior (Under 18 and over 15 on the year of the event/ series)First in both genders providing there are at least 5 in each
  • Over 40 (Over 40 and under 50 on the year of the event/ series) First in both genders providing there are at least 5 in each
  • Over 50 (Over 50 and under 60 on the year of the event/ series) First in both genders providing there are at least 5 in each
  • Over 60 (Over 60 and under 80 on the year of the event/ series) First in both genders providing there are at least 5 in each

In the above section we are encouraging as many people to participate in the age groups as possible, we may give out more prizes based on numbers.

Relay team section

Relay teams can be made up of 2 or 3 persons and of any gender.

There will be prizes for first relay team providing there are at least 8 teams, A relay category can consist of the following, (All male), (All Female), Mixed (Male and female) but is at the discretion of the organiser.

The Series

IWDS Categories Overall

  • First 3 in both genders
  • Unplaced categories (Both genders)
  • Junior (Under 18 and over 15 on the year of the event/ series) 1st in both genders providing there are at least 5 in each
  • Over 40 (Over 40 and under 50 on the year of the event/ series) top 3 in both genders providing there are at least 5 in each
  • Over 50 (Over 50 and under 60 on the year of the event/ series) 1st in both genders providing there are at least 5 in each
  • Over 60 (Over 60 and under 80 on the year of the event/ series) 1st in both genders providing there are at least 5 in each

Relay team

Can be made up off  2 - 3 persons. (Runner, cyclist)(Runner, cyclist, Runner)

Most improved Duathlete of the series

Based on the analysis

How to score points in the IWDS series

Individual and all Team sections get their best 4 results checked and scored towards the overall series.

Individuals can gain points by achieving the highest possible position per event; each position has a point’s allocation.

There will only be one overall table with all competitors categories graded by their point’s total

How a Team/Club score points

(Name of Team/Club has to be stated at the start when registering)

A Team/ Club can consist of as many participants as they like but only 5 results count towards  IWDS points. Need a minimum of 3 participants per event to qualify for IWDS points

A Team has to consist of a minimum of  2 females, 2 males and 1 relay team (5), if a Team has no relay team then their 5th best placed male or female counts. 

Only one relay team can count towards the points.

Corporate section (Place of Work) has to be included when registering

We will collect data when people register and we will add their Company name. (Will be great for company moral as most might not know a workmate has entered) Ideally it would be better to enter a squad of workmates and have them all wearing a company top with logo.

A Team can gather points in each event with their 4 best placing (both genders) counting towards the teams total. Need a minimum of 2 participants at an event to qualify for IWDS points.

Points System

1st         1000 pts                                                11th 867pts
2nd        970 pts                                                 12th 861pts
3rd        950 pts                                                 13th 856pts
4th         935 pts                                                 14th 852 pts
5th         923 pts                                                 15th 849pts
6th         912 pts                                                 16th 848pts
7th         901 pts                                                 17th 847 pts
8th         891pts                                                  18th 846pts
9th         882 pts                                                 19th 845 pts       (so on till everyone
10th       874 pts                                                 20th 844 pts       is counted)

Competition Rules of the Series

  1. Helmets are compulsory and must be worn correctly.
  2. Rules of the Series  apply
  3. Sign on for all events will close 30 minutes before the start. Participants who fail to sign on will be refused to participate
  4. Every participant must wear their numbers (given at sign-on), pinned to the front of their jersey/top, and this number must not be covered by a rain jacket or other clothing.
  5. Timing chip must be worn on the Left ankle and returned at finish area, failure to do so will result in the €20 fine.
  6. Participants must wear their own club or team racing kit or if not part of a club/team wear a plain kit.
  7. If you are affiliated to a National Governing Body club you have to participant under their name and colors or otherwise get and show a letter of permission to change to another Team.
  8. Tri bars and TT bikes are allowed in all events but participants must be competent bike handlers..
  9. No drafting is permitted in the cycle section and at least 15m must be held between participants. Failure to do so will incur a penalty
  10. All events will be held on open roads and all competitors must obey the rules of the road. Cyclists found to be breaking these rules or riding in a dangerous manner will be subject to penalty, which may include disqualification from an individual event or from the entire series. Decisions made on this matter will be made by the organisers and are final.
  11. Participants should look over the route and be aware of any technical areas that may be above their competence level, please adhere to marshals instructions.
  12. Earphones, Ipods, MP3 players etc. are strictly forbidden in all events. Participants found to be using these are subject to automatic disqualification.
  13. Each event,  club is responsible for the organisation of their  round of the IWDS and must provide venue, safe and marked out route, map of route, sign on personal, lead cars, marshals, shower & changing facilities, refreshments and presentation venue.
  14. Any protest or appeal on an event must be submitted in writing and accordance with the rules and guidelines to the Event Organiser whose decision shall be final.
  15. You participate under your name and absolutely no changing or swapping names allowed. Once you entry you cannot get someone to participate in your place if you are caught your result will be wiped from the event and IWDS table.
  16. The IWDS committee make the final decision on all queries.

Event organiser

Host clubs/Groups are responsible for organising their respected round of the series, they must circulate and advertise details of their event locally and to all media well in advance of the event date. Liaising with Local authorizes, ambulance cover and Gardai are paramount. 

Details to include; Event distances and breakdown,  sign-on location & time, route map, Transition whereabouts, start/finish area, Podium area, any special requirements, shower & changing facilities and Prize & presentation details.



IWDS Prizes Presented at Presentation Night

  1. Top 3 Overall both genders
  2. Unplaced winners in Junior, O40, 050, 060 categories
  3. Relay overall winners (Has to be the same 2/3 athletes throughout the series)
  4. Most Improved Duathlete both genders
  5. Corporate team
  6. Club/Team Prize Perpetual Cup

All prize winners must wear their club/ team attire and must present themselves at the presentation to get their prize.

Prize presentation will take place after the series is finished and may link in with another event.