Grab a discount for Gravel Grind West

We want you to Gravel Grind West with us this September. 
Gravel season is soon approaching, so now is the time to hit the tracks and trails to get ready for a biking adventure of a lifetime. 
The thrill and excitement when coasting on loose gravel surface is like no other experience you will get when cycling, but add in coastal tracks, the Western Way, Glacier hills, insane vistas of Croagh Patrick and Clare island and the shear remoteness of the Wild Nephin National Park, now that’s an adventure on the wild side worth taking. 
Gravel Grind West covering all bases. 
We added two new routes, the 50k Shore route is for those completely new to gravel cycling… It’s a route along Clewbay to Newport and it can be ridden on a road bike with sturdy tyres.
For the really experienced graveller’s we got you covered too, the super tough 145k route has the Skelp Blast loop (ridge of Croagh Patrick) and Owenwee bogs to be negotiated before taking on the full Wild Nephin loop, this is going to EPIC, matching anything on the International scene.
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It’s going to be a really Awesome weekend with live entertainment at the FINISH line outside the Towers Bar & restaurant, Westport. 
Pick your route to suit..
  • The 50k Shore (Can be completed on a road bike with sturdy tyres)
  • The 75k Bothy
  • The 110k Wild Nephin
  • The Epic 145k Wild Nephin Rocky 
For more information on all the distances see. 
New routes come with new tech tops and finishers medals.
Pop the lid of a few bevies 
Bespoke Gravel neck Buff 
We want to keep things green and make all our merchandise as useful as possible. The finisher medal also acts as a bottle opener. So while enjoying a beer or a beverage you can pop the lid of a few using your very own Finisher’s medal…
Creating a  Gravel community
We want participants to be proud of supporting all things off road and  gravelly, we feel by using the tagline “Gravel is our thing” that  we will get others to understand the buzz of why cycling on the road less travelled like the Bothar an Phortaigh (Bog roads) and Boreens of Ireland that were a huge part of our unique heritage
To host these events we have to work with many different organisations and agencies so we can get access to the best gravel routes, this is a long process so we need participants to enter as early as possible.
We host events so participants get to enjoy the buzz and adventure of outdoor life, our activities are green and carbon neutral, the physical and mental  health benefits speak for themselves.
Westportif is held in Westport on July 8th, it’s a leisure event that Raceface events helps with every year, we feel that giving back to our local clubs is vitally important for the development of both clubs Western Lakes CC and Westport Covey Wheelers who host the event.
We will give a 10% discount to those that sign up before July 14th 
Use code  Freegrind40 at checkout. Enter here