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2022 participant  information will be uploaded at the end of August. 

What is the Skelp Blast?

The Skelp Blast is an off road timed challenge up and over the Skelp pass and around a fabulous course  at the back of Croagh Patrick. The routes terrain vary with gravel, grass and even some small sections of bog. The route  suits all OFF ROAD bikes. As for which machine is best for the course, well that’s anyone’s guess. Total distance of the Skelp Blast is 31k. The first 3.5k is Neutralized then the next 15.5k is timed, with a finish at the top of the Skelp climb, the last 6.5k is all down hill back to the Quay in Westport.  This is an ideal warm up for Gravel Grind West the following day….

Start time 4pm, finish at 5.40pm 

About the Route?

The route is an old rugged bog track/road starting at the base of Croagh Patrick that goes over the Westport Ridge of the Reek. This route is also part of the Western Way and the Tochar Phadraig Walkways, making it one of those unique challenges to do. This little Gem is relatively unknown so it will be quite unique.

Starting at the Quay Westport  the first 3.5k are neutral, (Use as a warm up) then its 3k of uphill (Some of it very steep) with the first 1.9k on road then it’s on to rough gravel with sections @17-22% the MTB or Fat bike defiantly has an advantage here for this section and the descent that follows. You are then back on road for 2k, all downhill, you should use this time for a breather as the next section is up and goes through the Owenwee bogs. This can be a very hard slog depending on the wind direction. The terrain is a mix of everything from gravel, tar, and bog. You then have another  steep climb on rough gravel up the pilgrim path at the back of Croagh Patrick. The mountain rescue base camp will be a welcome sight as there are only 2 sections left. The first is a lovely fast 2k descent, this is usually wind assisted and then you finally have the last pull to the finish line, this is a mix of grass and rough mountain track but it will be well worth the effort……

An Experience?

Whether you want to race the route or just ride around and take in the spectacular views that surround it, one thing is for sure, nothing will beat the thrill of descending the Skelp. The final few km’s back to the Quay will be breath-taking as the Autumn sun sets over Clew-bay….

What are Gravel-Grind West routes (Sunday 18th September 

Wild Nephin Rocky and Wild Nephin 135/110k (start time 9am)

Starting from The Quay, Westport  you will take the coastal roads to Newport via Kilmeena. We found a few new gravel sections to navigate and a  slippery causeway to cross from one headland to another,  we promise it  will enhance your experience and the few extra kms will be well worth the effort. 

Once you leave Newport the real challenge begins. You will trek through the magnificent Furnace lakes (the road is still mostly tared but more like a Dual Cabbage-Way with grass grown down the middle), then its onto the Western Way keep your eyes open to take in the unbelievable views of Lough Feeagh, Clewbay, Clare Island and Croagh Patrick in the distance…. Down into the Wild Nephin national park at Letterkeen for the 2nd food stop at the Bothy (Make sure to refuel there, there is nothing for the next 50k.

The longer Wild Nephin Rocky takes in a double lap of  Altabrucky so come prepared. All participants expect a short hike the bike section down here.. Jikes!!








The Western Way is where the fun really begins so once you turn off the Dual-Cabbage way you are on the Western Way trail heading towards the Bangor trail. This is a passage of gravel trail up through Shramore woods. You will pass the Bothy for the first time and along the banks of the Black River, here the going gets tough, you will have a long pull up the drags on the local known Letterkeen walk route (its class).

The further into the forestry you go the more remote it gets; you will have no phone coverage and just the odd deer for company. At the 47k mark you will come of the Western Way track, here you will get a bit of rest-bite from the gravel but its short lived because after 4k you hit homeward bound and back into woods at Altanabrucky. The scenery here is unbelievable as you pass by the shores of a series of Loughs called Doo, Nabrock, Nambrock to name but three! You will eventually arrive back at the Bothy (Check point and refueling station). The Wild Nephin rocky participants have to do a second lap....but only the bottom end of the course..

Once you come off the mountain-side it’s a fast sprint along lough Feeagh but we there a new gravel section just before Newport, that looking up a Brockagh mountain,  you eventually coming down on the Glenhest side of Newport.

Now all of  challenging bits are all left behind. Stop in at Hotel Newport for some refreshments or  at any of the lovely tasty cafes.

THERE IS NO RACING on the Greenway (11k) back to Westport so recover, enjoy and savor the experience you just had. Once you come off the Greenway at Westport it’s a downhill spin through Westport House to the Quay for a well-deserved beverage….


Gravel Grind West the Bothy 70k (start time

If you are new to gravel or just want something a bit shorter than the Wild Nephin then why not try THE BOTHY?  With most of the thrills and spills of the Wild Nephin but covered in 70k, you will get to experience the Dual Cabbage-way along the Furnace lakes then onto The Western Way  with those magnificent views of Lough Feeagh, Clue Bay, Clare Island and Croagh Patrick. This takes you to the Western Way which is challenging but allot of fun with a mix of terrain, This takes you anti-clockwise around the mountain where the mythical Jamies Wells are. Next up you have Shramore Woods and you will see the Bothy (Check point and refuelling station) here you will keep left and back onto the Nephin Drive.

From here its always direction Westport back on The Western Way again this time the climbs are on rough gravel and loose stone (line selection will be important here to avoid the clumps of rushes, have a look around as the unreal scenery is all around you before you hit back toward Newport. Stop in at Hotel Newport or at any of the lovely tasty cafes in the town.

THERE IS NO RACING on the Greenway (11k) back to Westport so recover, enjoy and savor the experience you just had. Once you come off the Greenway at Westport it’s a downhill spin through Westport House to the Quay for a well-deserved beverage….


What kind of bike is best suited.

Any kind of Gravel bike

Any type Mountain Bike either Hardtail or Full suspension

Plus bike

Fat Bike

Cyclo cross bike

Hybrid with suitable tyres.

All participants are asked to bring any off road bike of their choice, make sure it’s in good working order

Mandatory kit: it's imperative all participants bring rain cape, foil blanket, phone, spares tubes, tyre levers, pump and a multitool with chain breaker all these are essential.  

These events would not happen without the goodwill and support of

Coillte, The Wild Nephin National park, Westport house camping and carvaning, The Great Western Greenway, The South West Mayo development company, Mayo .ie and Mayo county Council.


The Towers Bar and restaurant, Westport Bike shop, Nuasan, Hotel Newport, Marrey Bikes, Del&Lee jewelry