Gravel Grind West Strava results

The Strava 110k women’s event results.
2nd Marcia Salvador TC Racing – Cycling Team
Thanks to prize sponsors
Westport Bike Shop Ltd, Nuasan Marrey Bikes the Towers bar and restaurant and Raceface events
110k Strava segment and overall winners for Gravel Grind West.
1st Jakub Klapa Galway
2nd Ant Hammond Castlebar Cycling Club
There were 7 segments on the day up for grabs..
Segment leaders
Joint leaders Ant Hammond and Eoin Whelan for Coastal Hell and Furnace Burner
Ant Hammond leader Jamesie well loop
Jakub Klapa leader of Wild Nephin
Glenn Crawford leader of Deer race
Eoin Whelan leader of Nephin Mercy
Louis Moto leader of made in Heaven
Overall and Strava segment prize winners for the Gravel Grind West 135k event distance.
We had 8 Strava segments for this distance
Best combined time overall
1st Trevor Costello Islandeady Cycling Club
2nd Johnny Mc Roberts Banbridge Cycling Club
3rd David Dowdall Off Grid
Segment winners:
Ross O Keefe fastest on 2 segments: Coastal hell and Furnace burner
Trevor Costello fastest on 4 segments: Jamesie well loop, Bangor hopping, Nephin Mercy and Made in Heaven.
Johnny mc Roberts fastest on 2 segments: Wild Nephin and Deer race