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Hollymount Duathlon

19 Jan 2020

The Hollymount Duathlon takes place on Sunday January 19th in the village of Hollymount.

It will be round 2 of the Bridge Signs Ireland West Duathlon series 


ENTRY HERE: https://www.njuko.net/hd-2020/select_competition

The Breakdown is as follows
Race Format
5k run
19k cycle flat
3k run
Total distance 27kms

How long will it take to complete the course ?
Elite – If you are a competitive hill runner, tri-athlete, run marathons or cyclist. This
would be if you are extremely active every week. Winner in about 55 mins, lady
winner 65mins
Intermediate – If you are starting training with a good level of fitness, maybe go to
soccer or rugby training once or twice a week, but have never tried a multi sport event
before, course in about 1.15hrs and female about 1.25hrs
Beginner – If you are starting from a low level of fitness and this is a whole new
challenge for you under 1.45.hrs and female about 2hrs

What type of bike do you need ?
Bicycle Guide
Safety first; you should ensure that the bike is properly serviced, with working brakes;
you want to feel safe and confident on your bike.
You must OBEY the rules of the road at all times as the race will be held on open
roads. (The good news is they are quite)
Wearing of a helmet is compulsory while cycling, it also needs to be properly fitted;
it can be left with the bike at the transition areas while on the running sections.
Bike choices in terms of Speed:

• A triathlon bike would be best for this course as its pan flat
• A road bike (racer) would be next fastest choice, could fit TT bars
• A mountain bike with slick tyres would be slower.
• A mountain bike with knobbly tyres would be slowest of all

Bike mandatory kit.
Spare tube
Tire levers
Allen key set (optional)

What other items do I need to compete
You will need your own bike and you may also need some more mandatory kit as
above, this is to HELP YOU in case of a mechanical, the course is in good condition
and is not dangerous and is easily accessible by all vehicles.

Can I get a refund if I do not attend ?
Refunds: When paying for your entry to Hollymount Duathlon it is stipulated that this
is a non-refundable payment. As soon as a competitor enters we incur costs such as
admin etc. It is also not possible to transfer entries to any other Events, next year’s
event, or a different competitor.

Where are the water stops?
The water stops will be at the Transitions only, we recommend that you carry a bottle

Can I practice on the course beforehand?
We encourage you to use the course maps to practice on the Duathlon course in advance.

5k Run course for Stage 1 – https://www.strava.com/segments/16589480

19k Bike course – https://www.strava.com/segments/16589473

3k Run course stage 3 – https://www.strava.com/segments/16589478

Where do I leave my bike
Your bikes must be left at T1 (Community Sports Grounds – Hollymount) this is
where the event starts and finishes proper. On the morning of the race you can leave
you bike in the marshaled transition area. All competitors will be wearing a race
number for the event and will be issued a race number for your bike also which helps
us identify your bike at the transitions. Race numbers will be issued at race
registration with your pack and your electronic timing chip “ankle bracelet” For the
bike transitions within the event, the bikes will be safe and secure. You will need to
pick up your bike from the main transition area by 12.30pm, so that we can tidy up.

Do I have to navigate on the Course?
While navigation skills are not a requirement, do not travel faster than your route
knowledge. The route will be described and marked with signs/arrows; there will be
Marshalls on all the major junctions but always proceed with caution as this is an
unsupported adventure challenge

Will the race go ahead if there is bad weather?
If the situation arrives that we are unlucky enough to get weather that may be
dangerous to participants, the organizer may have to make a decision to shorten or
take out certain sections of the course, and this will only be decided on the morning of
the event.

Race Marshaling
Please obey the race organization at all times, these include Order of Malta, Gardai,
Volunteers and all race personal. On the bike please adhere to the rules of the road
and while competing comply to TI rules by staying 25meters apart.
Strictly No IPods or Headphones; If you wear either you will be disqualified on the
spot, safety is a huge priority and failing to here instruction or the sound of oncoming
traffic can cause serious accidents to you, fellow competitors and to the general

What time is Registration
The registration location at Cois Abhainn Centre, Hollymount will be open on
Saturday evening (18th January) at 6pm closes at 8pm and Sunday morning (19th
January) from 7.30am-9am.

Preferably entry on line at
When you register, you will receive your race pack containing your competitor
number (Pin it to the front of your jersey) There will be staff on hand to answer
questions. You will also receive your electronic timing chip which you will wear on
your ankle throughout the event. On Sunday morning the 19th of January (after 8am)you can leave your bike at T1 transition area at Community Sports Grounds –
Hollymount, where we will have set up bike racking with a number for your bike. It
will be safe as the transition area is guarded by the marshals.

Can I see my split times?
Your progress through the course (and results) is measured with the use of electronic
timing equipment, part of which requires the wearing of a small device on your ankle.
Full breakdown of all the stages (Run, Bike, and final run plus overall time and
ranking for each stage) Event timing by www.coretiming.ie

What time is the Start Proper ?
Race briefing will take place at 10.15am outside Cois Abhainn Centre, Hollymount,
the race will start proper at 10.30am please obey the marshals, as penalties will apply
for not doing so.

What are the prizes ?
Prizes Males 1st 2nd 3rd overall
Female 1st 2nd 3rd overall
In these categories below there has to be a min of 5 per category to have a price.
Male and female 1st Under 18 (Junior)
Male and female 1st Over 40
Male and female 1st Over 50

Relay Teams
The fastest 3 teams 
Depending on numbers we may have a prize for fastest mixed or ladies team

What time can I see the results?
Once every competitor has finished we will have a draft set of results of category
winners, the full results will be available on our Facebook page

Showers and changing facilities will be available in the Dressing rooms at the
Community Sports Grounds – adjacent to Transition.

Prize giving
Will take place at Cois Abhainn Centre, Hollymount, from around 1pm

We Hope you enjoy the event..