Boot camp training for Castlebar Adventure Duathlon

Just four weeks to go to the Castlebar Adventure Duathlon on March 14th
Every Saturday morning we have a Bootcamp starting at 8.30am sharp from the cycling centre at the Kilmaine rd Ballinrobe.

Last Saturday we had 12 hardy souls who turn up for cold foggy start.
We warmed up for 1k doing some light jogging and joint mobility exercises followed by muscle activation techniques.
When the fog cleared a beautiful bright sunny day ensued and a few layers of clothing had to be removed after our first few efforts.
The main part of workout focused on building up running speed and working on our stride.
This consisted of 4 x 400meters intervals at race pace with a 3min recovery between each interval. Interval training is a very fast way to build up fitness, It pushes you out of your comfort zone. A lot of people do what I call shuffle running (short stride) when they run, in order to get the natural running stride in which the heels kick up behind with every stride you must focus on lengthening the running stride. By doing so your heels naturally kick up behind.

After the run interval training it was back to the cycling centre where our bikes were mounted on turbos, we jumped straight onto our bikes for a 20 minute session.
The Bike session focused on hill time trailing intervals which saw us using big gears so our pedaling was pretty slow this helped us to build leg strength.
We did 3x5mins of these big gear interval followed by 3mins recovery in between each effort.
After the last bike interval we went straight into a 1k run at race pace.
Everyone loves the cool down and this was followed by a long steady Stretch. Great effort put in by all.

Mary Mulchrone
Double Gaelforce Champion