Attractions around Newport

If you are looking to make a weekend of it for the Newport Rocky High Grave event and plan on taking in more adventure, here are a few suggestions. 

Newport is a great base and is very central and is a perfect gate way to to Achill, Ballycroy, Erris North Mayo, Westport, and the Nephins. 
Regardless if your pursuit is walking, hiking, fishing, swimming or gravelling here is a cool list.
 Check out this list

  • The Western Way, North to Ballycastle  or South bound to Oughterard (Gravel or walk)
  • Bangor Trail (walk)
  • The Great Western Greenway to Achill or Westport (Cycle to walk)
  • Ballycroy visitors center (Nature, dark skies, walk)
  • Wild Nephin national park (Walking, hiking, gravelling) 
  • Nephin mountain range (Ireland’s remotest range for Hiking )
  • Glendahurk horseshoe (hike)
  • Mulranny and its beaches (Walk, swim relax)
  • Corraun loop (cycle, drive)
  • Atlantic drive Achill (drive, cycle)
  • Achill (Loads of gravel track, hikes, swim, sea activities, cycle)