A Real Ultra Lap of Mayo

In our last post we profiled the 200 & 300k routes now we step up to the 500 & 650 routes.

Take a close look as there are a few subtle differences..

Going long

Once you go over the 300k mark, for many they are now entering into the unknown zone… some people thrive here and others falter. If you have never did an ultra before, picking a 500k or a 650k are not the distances to start your Ultra adventure but then again, you won’t really know till you try.

We would recommend you either try a shorter distance or better yet do a 500 or 650 as part of a team. The learnings and tips you will pick up, will stand to you for future Ultras. Get your club mates together, form a plan and get signed up.. the ultimate team building exercise and cheaper than going away on a night out .. 

Enter here: https://eventmaster.ie/event/A1nbTjlIlv 

We at RaceFace events are competitors ourselves and our first ultras were all part of teams, we got to savor the challenge, learn the ropes, see what other teams were at, experience the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the peace and quite of the night, the stars in the dark skies in the remotest places in Ireland. We got the bug and kicked on from there.

How does a team complete an Ultra:

Depending on what size of team you have, the procedure is still the same (Relay format) one rider on the road at any one time, a follow vehicle brings the rest of the team (You will need 2 support personnel in that vehicle) change over by handing the transponder over to the next rider (Need to stop to do this), they do their  stint and so on till the team completes the route. The transponders show  live results  so if your team is in contention or is the competitive type, the strategy ye use will influence the teams performance.

Our advice is don’t over complicate the process. At the end of the day its a relay race…

Minaun Heights

500k nearly a full lap of the county

Estimate time (under 24hrs)

4500m of climbing, includes most of the climbs of the 650 but there are a few you miss out on.

Highlights: Cycling out West to Louisburgh, Ashleigh Falls, Lough Mask, Cong, Kilmovee, Lough Talt, Ballina, Dun Briste, North Mayo, Minaun Height and Keem Bay

Categories: Teams of 4,3 or 2 and solo’s supported or unsupported.

650k A real lap of Mayo

Estimate time (under 38hrs)

6500m of climbing, includes virtually every road climb in the county, the ultimate Mayo experience

Highlights: Too many to name but have a look at the full route description  https://www.raceface.ie/wild-mayo-ultra-650k-route-description/

Categories: Teams of 4,3 or 2 and solo’s supported or unsupported

Tony Keane Achill taking a rest after completing the 650k route unsupported.